Thursday, 2 June 2011

"Shutter Island" Review

what on earth was that first blog about. such self-indulgent meaningless twaddle. which reminds me, saw Shutter Island last night. for those who haven't seen it, do! great film. i was only leading you up the garden path when i said twaddle. that really was only referring to my previous blog. i don't mean to be misleading like in the film. if i say i'm not mad then i'm probably really mad, and if i say i'm mad then i'm double-bluffing to be certified sane. so i don't want to say this film is crap when really it isn't, coz then you really will think it's crap. which it isn't. god, it's so complicated!

the crap one is the other film with the same actor and pretty much the same sort of plot called "Inception" - now that really is a piece of shit film - and i actually paid money to see it. best sleep i ever had though. i dreamt that i fell asleep during a piece of shit film, and then when i woke up the piece of shit film had ended. double bonus!

those two films are so similar, i half expected Di Caprio, after having shot his wife who killed their three kids, to casually spin a dreidle on the table as the credits rolled. or a spinning top, whatever gentiles call it. but i woke up at that point so i never did see if he did that. but i dreamt it. within a dream. the original dream was about Top Gun.

for those of you that haven't seen Shutter Island here's a trailer:

oh no, wait, that's a another hollywood movie about a man with an imaginary friend. sorry, it's this one:

shit, wrong one again - but it did have exactly the same musical score, to be fair...

this is the one, promise:

where is my mind? indeed, pixies. although i could've shown any number of films, such as Donnie Darko, Spotless Mind, Vanilla Sky, Memento, Vertigo, Truman Show, Matrix...

and is it me or does Leonardo always look 12 regardless how old he's playing? this is the promo pic for his next movie:

and age isn't really doing anything for his looks. the older he gets, the more pinched his face becomes. i've never seen so many ruffles on a forehead before. it's like his face is slowly moving inwards. the camera never lies, this is a still of his pinched little pug-face from Shutter Island:

this was him in infancy:

now let's just sit back and admire how a real actor goes about his business, with class, intelligence and dignity:

films don't have to be mind-fuck complicated to be good - they just need to have nick 'the god' cage in them!!

hang tough