Thursday, 16 June 2011

dinner party and guests

So the guests have finally left. We held a dinner party in their honour while they were here. Everyone was talking politics. I was the doing the man thing of hovering by the kitchen the whole night.

Shoreditch Boy: (Shit)…Hello. Hello guests.

Guest: Oh Dave, we’re discussing who the most decent British politicians are. We’ve had Ken Clarke, Min Campbell, Vince Cable, who would you go for?

Now, I knew this one, I knew this one! My all time favourite if I had to choose would be Tony Benn, think he’s a legend. Except it came out as Nigel Benn. I said Nigel Benn. 

Just to clarify - Tony Benn MP

Came out as...Nigel Benn

That's...Tony Benn

Nigel Benn

“Oh yeah, coz that's me, I’d have Nigel Benn as Prime Minister, Chris Eubank as Chancellor of the Exchequor, Barry McGuigan as Foreign Secretary and Frank Bruno as Deputy Prime Minister, it’s a bit of a non-job anyway that one.” 

That was it, after a comment like that I basically had to go and stand in the corner for the rest of the night…with only the kangaroo for company...

until next time folks....